Midnight Thoughts of a Website Designer You Should NOT Read

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An hour past midnight of a particular Sunday of February, I can’t seem to sleep. Here I am writing this blog, probably because my brain knows I don’t have to forcefully get myself up for work.

I would probably regret this, having a headache next morning, dreadful eyebags below my eyes, and little bumps popping out of my face the next day (ew, pimples).

But I know I have to get these mind-boggling thoughts out so it would shut off. It’s not so bad having an insomnia once in a while. I’ll just write what my day looked like.

For most of the day I was lazily lying on my bed planning to go out at 10AM on the nearby mall. I was feeling so slow; 10 AM then became 5PM. I was just walking on the skygarden, an open space where you can see the skyscrapers at the mall’s second floor lined with fancy shops.

I could not settle with a coffee shop I would like to order a drink from for at least half an hour. I was leaning towards ordering a cafe latte from the all-time popular coffee chain Starbucks. But its so full I would have to take the table outside beside a very busy walkway. Maybe today’s not the day to finally satisfy my curious tongue buds of that advertised cups.

I took three walking trips more before I finally stepped in to a white interior coffee shop I passed by at least two times today. Its a Korean-themed coffee shop playing a music of familiar vocalist of the band I know too well. I’ve only been to milk tea shops and I’m not really familiar with any coffee shops so I settled with a safe choice, cafe latte.

I sat the next table beside a chubby woman busy with her laptop at the corner of the shop. I brought my laptop out of my tote bag and started peeling off the stickers I put on my laptop last year to busy myself. I’ve been thinking of removing these colorful motivational stickers six months ago and is only finally getting rid of it today.

While contemplating whether I should add a croissant or a slice of cake, I got my order. With a cup wrapped in green coffee jacket, four dusky tissues, and a straw, I tasted what a coffee ordinarily is—when iced. I almost laughed at myself, this is how it tastes like huh.

Begrudgingly, I realized the usual milktea and shakes I get are a hundred times better. Well, at least one less thing out of my curiosity checklists.

I do not want to stay too long so I left and started to trace my steps leading to the supermarket located at the ground floor. I’m craving the taste of beef shawarma rice I once had, a month ago. I greeted the lady on the post and paid my meal with cash as I took the chair with a high one-sided table at the left corner.

Enjoying the meal, I considered buying some seafood I can have on my lunch box but quickly shrugged it off as I stared at the long lines of cart waiting for the cashier. I remembered last week I was there, I thought of placing back the snacks I got because I can’t wait for too long. As people line up after me, I decided against the idea.

Finishing the meal, I dropped the paper meal box, the water bottle and the cup I got from the coffee shop on a trash tube placed on the middle of the high-tables. I decided to relax for a few minutes by the stairs adorned with blue decors and slow flashing lights where most mall-goers usually sit by. This is the only part of the mall uniquely placated with led lights.

I took one more stroll at the skygarden and sat on a vacant table beside a group of young adults having a meeting about their business. I’m not really sure but I don’t mind, I proceeded to design what my next branding and website would look like.

I waited for a few more hours and decided to finally close my laptop and end the day.


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