Choosing Your Personal Color? Violet’s Mine.

a meadow of flowers with bright violet and yellows

I’ve been dreaming of the day I’d have my blog, today, February 24th , I can’t seem to wait any longer. I currently am working on a fun project I call “intrepidlilac”, my pen name. The meaning is quite straightforward − being brave, courageous, and confident.

Until this year, if you were to ask what my favorite color is, I’d generically answer “None, I like all colors.” And if you were persistent enough, I would take you on a long talk why I like them all and what circumstances I love those specific colors.

But there is one that I set my eye on long before. The faint shade of blue and red always catches my attention. There was a reason I was in denial and why I’d rather say I don’t have a favorite color.

A vivid memory on my 8th grade, we were having a makeover of our classroom with our teacher, whose name is Pinky. We address her as Ma’am Pinky, and just like her name, she has a very fond liking of the color pink. Our class was painting the walls of a pale shade of pink, the color she particularly likes.

There was someone (I recall as a girl classmate) who asked if we could have lavender color on some of the charts we will put on the walls as decorations. Although I agree that lavender would be weird on a all-pink wall, I was utterly astounded by her reply. Ma’am Pinky strongly expressed her dislike over purple, saying its disdainfully unpleasant to look at and seems to be color of the dead.

Those words were stuck on me, I can’t believe that for years I was subconsciously disassociating myself over all shades of violet. All because someone said it was ugly and reminds them of darkness. I became untrue of myself, this seems to be petty but I was disturbed her words and scenes of that moment plays on my mind whenever I came across the topic of color.

It wasn’t until I accepted the darkness I associate with purple that I became aware of these seemingly buried memories affecting my decisions. A huge one actually as a website designer.

I realized violet is not linearly associated with darkness, or every ugly things we associate with it in life. In fact, every color has a tint of darkness (otherwise the world plain white) and what matters is our perspective and attitude.

Finally, I discovered mine, it came along with the pen name intrepidlilac I recently discovered not being used by anyone on main social media sites (It’s so hard to get a unique short meaningful username these days!). Yes, I discovered a fun way and radiates cheerful mood along with my color, lilac.

Lilac, purple, lavender have slight differences but are all shades of violet and I love them all. It would be my pleasure to show you how I reacquainted myself with my color but this blog is as long as it can be, and I’d rather have you enjoy yourself for another piece of blog.

Thanks for reading!


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