Majestic Couples

VIP Coaching Program for Engaged Couples

a preview website homepage of Majestic Couples by Realationship Love Resort



The Client

Dr. Shamile Bernard aka The Love Doctor of the Relationship Love Resort offers expert guidance and support to couples seeking to strengthen their relationships. One of her VIP programs is Majestic Couples for engaged couples looking to build a stronger and more fulfilling connection.

The Goal

The goal of this project was to develop a landing page that will persuade engaged couples to enroll for the VIP program. One of clients requirements was to retain the brand style which consists a bold mix of bright yellows and red shades.

Landing page screenshot of Majestic couples



The landing page captures the essence of Dr. Shamile’s expertise and the transformative experiences offered at Majestic Couples creating an inviting and online gateway for couples on their journey towards a stronger and more fulfilling partnership.


This is the lower part of the landing page showcasing the what value the enrollees will get, bonuses, and the investment needed for the program.

a preview of landing page made for Majestic Couples