The Popcorn World

A food store for all popcorn flavors

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The Client

The Popcorn World is a family owned business located in Long Beach, California. They specialize in gourmet popcorn flavors, with over 250+ flavors available.

The Goal

The goal of this website was to create a user-friendly interface where customers can easily order online and pay seamlessly.

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After 2 months, the client has generated $3476.72 (and counting) in total sales and $2651.16 in net sales. And believe me or not, the client does not run ads nor does email marketing. What I did was add their featurings and testimonials to boost their credibility. We also introduced gift cards and monthly subscription programs to enhance their customer engagement and retention.

Food Store

The Popcorn World’s boasts 250+ popcorn flavors from the good old plain popcorn to anything that you can ever imagine. To showcase this unique offering, I created a store where customers can easily add-to-cart their favorite popcorn flavor.

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A month after the website was live, Jasmine (the co-owner) reached out saying the website was amazing. The best part? She’s now ready to invest in email marketing.

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